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Symphonic Intermezzi - for String Orchestra (1997) [32:14]
15th - early 20th Century European style

String Orchestra

Soundlib Press

McCarty: Classics

Five pieces for string orchestra each composed in a different old European style.

Program Note:
Symphonic Intermezzi
for String Orchestra (1997)
Frank McCarty (1941-)

1. Etude L'Accademico for Niccolo and his students
2. Saraband for George and Leopold
3. Hesitations...for John, Oscar, Dick and John
4. Scherzo Diabolique for Claude and Paul
5. Romanza for Clara and Johannes

Program Note

For those who know a lot of my work, a piece with key-signatures might seem incomprehensible. But in these intermezzi for string orchestra, my focus is towards Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. In other words, this is an anti-modern composition.
What I've made is a series of love-notes to some of my favorite classical musicians. Each piece somehow embodies the aura of the individuals cited in its title. On another level, this composition contains broad geographical references. The most obvious countries visited include Italy, England, Russia, Austria, France and Germany. Materials for these pieces come from throughout my career from the early 60s through the late 80s - from theatrical compositions, most written for dance.
So is this really just derivitive, hack work? Certainly not! Each of my works subscribes to a separate style and uses a different musical system. In essence, I learn "how" to compose all over again for each subsequent piece. My Symphonic Intermezzi are locked to the harmonic vocabulary of traditional European tonality and chromaticism. Since there is little room for innovation there, my own creativity is restricted primarily to line and form.
For me, the true significance of this premiere is in the occasion for its dedication: my mother, Lois Reeves McCarty Reynolds, celebrates her 90th birthday on November 3rd. This is the woman who lovingly conditioned me to be a musician from even before my birth. I am very proud of my mother's accomplishments: ownership of her own business for 53 years and working there every day; significant civic and cultural leadership in her community; world travel; and in character, consistent generosity, loyalty and forgiveness. Happy Birthday mom!
Finally, I wish to express my deep affection for Peter Perret and the members of this wonderful orchestra.