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TACTUS-TEMPUS - Playbill #1 (1969) [open]
experimental style

Open Instrumentation and Duration

Soundlib Press


This is the first in the set of "playbills", a series of mixedmedia, theatrical pieces. It is a large, controlled improvisational process for at least five visual pulse-producers and five audio pulse-producers. Electronics may be employed. This work is also found in the book, Electronic Music, by Allen Strange (W.C.Brown).

Program Note:
One of several of my compositions in play-bill format, the notation employs only words and graphics. Again, the title is descriptive of the form of the work. In this case, the piece relates to the concept of the pulse. It is a percussion work but is realized by live performance on synthesizers. The improvising musicians produce repeating pulse-trains. Pulses of light do the same thing. The piece gradually increases in quickness and loudness until reaching the speed of sound and constant light. That process is more quickly reversed to end it. This performance at ICES was very important to the future of BIOME since it featured the films of the Washington DC media artist, Steve Whealton. While we only met on the trip to England, he was to become the fifth member of the ensemble.