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Remembering Lenny (1990) [6:00]
neo-classical style

Solo Instrument and Keyboard

Soundlib Press


May be played by any suitable solo instrument. Keyboard part may be augmented.

Program Note:
Remembering Lenny: Performance Note

This composition may be performed on any solo instrument capable of negotiating its technical and expressive demands. The solo part can be played in the notated register, one, or even two octaves lower. Or, individual passages may be octave-offset to accommodate a given instrument's registral needs. Phrasings in the solo part were designed for a woodwind instrument and may be altered to suit the idioms of another family. Since the work was originally conceived for orchestral accompaniment, the keyboard part is a direct, annotated transcription. If played on the piano, certain notes may have to be ignored. The accompaniment may also be adapted to MIDI instruments.

Duration: c. 5:00

Program Note
This work was originally composed in late 1990, as the middle movement of my Oboe Concerto, and written in memory of Leonard Bernstein. It commemorates one of my musical heros - clearly the most influential American musician ever. His prodigious talents as composer, pianist, conductor and educator are manifest. Even at the end of his life, he campaigned energetically against artistic repression in the United States and was able to make Beethoven's Ninth Symphony the theme song for the end of the Cold War.
In structure, Remembering Lenny may be characterized as a modified chaconne - a set
of melodic variations over a repeated (but transformed) harmonic-formal unit. While freely rhapsodic in nature, the solo part is framed by brief reminders of two songs, one from West Side Story, the other from Candide.