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E.V. and Remembrances - Gravestone Canons #2 (1978) [16:00]
experimental style

Voice, bells, live electronics and slides

Soundlib Press


A meditative piece.

Program Note:
Gravestone Canons #2, this mixed-media pattern piece is scored for solo or duo performance (voice, bells or keyboard), with technicians for live electronics and slide projections. The voice recites fragments of epitaphs which gradually return and overlap within the performance area using a four-channel delay and quad playback system. Later, the bells play looping patterns of decreasing numbers of notes, similarly delayed and overlapped. The final section combines voice and bells using techniques of change-ringing. With two projectors and a fader, the slides present a "pull-back" from the edge of a grave marker, through a cemetery, and past a small country church in the spring.