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De Monumento - A.S. - Gravestone Canons #3 (1988) [12:00]
experimental style

Improvising classical guitarist and portable stereo tape

Soundlib Press


An improvising guitarist is gradually seduced by the ghost of Segovia.

Program Note:
This is the third in my series of "Gravestone Canon" compositions. These works share common elements such as sonic echoes, theatre, advanced musical techniques, technology, and literary metaphor. Each is also a love-note to a dead musician who has been very important to me personally: Bach, Varese, and here, Segovia. This work is cast as a solo-ensemble composition: the same live instrument is also heard, multiplied, on tape. The drama of the piece represents a profound musical transformation, one clearly affected by a "voice from the grave." In concert, the tape is played by a portable tape player which is carried
throughout the auditorium before finally being placed on the foot of the stage. The drama of this piece represents a profound musical transformation of the soloist, one clearly affected by a "voice from the grave." My friend Larry Almeida (heard here) commissioned and first performed this work.

Andres Segovia. I have a vivid memory from my early teens of an audience of over three thousand in the non-air-conditioned Russ Auditorium in San Diego. Of course the maestro was wonderful, but what I really remember was the silence - the loudest, most prolonged I have ever experienced. Only as a mature musician can I now acknowledge his remarkable abilities to (as they say) "turn phrases."
Since 1984, this is the fifth work I have written employing the guitar.